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The Heart Charity Movement

We are initiating a movement that aims to inspire people to seek love by finding a „Hearttosee“.

We strive to make a change and ask people to…

  • look out for love in the shape of a heart
  • send it to us and we will make a donation
  • become a part of a worldwide heart movement.

In addition to the money we collect from charity events, 7% of our revenues will be donated to organizations that benefit people with heart disorders.

Currently all of our donations go to the project HerzensKinder e.V.

Saving life is a matter of the heart for us! Our task is to give hope and courage to families in Africa and Asia whos children suffer from heart desease. In order to save the lives of these children open heart surgery is needed that families often are not able to pay for. HerzensKinder e.V. supports the families by acquiring the money for these surgeries and sends the surgeons to those countries. The organization was founded  16. 11.2006 by Berliner surgeons. Donations are welcome in order to continuously do surgery.